Wiz-War Miniatures Kickstarter Ends Today!

Our Wiz-War Miniatures Kickstarter campaign is ending today, and we have unlocked a ton of stretch goals! This project features 3-D printable STL files for the eight wizards from Wiz-War, based on art by the illustrious Phil Foglio, as well as bases for each wizard. And treasure chests! Backers have helped us unlock even more files for other Wiz-War components like Granite Cubes, Thornbushes, tokens, portals, and enlarged busts of the miniatures, perfect for miniature hobbyists. We've got a few stretch goals left for even more busts as well. (If you missed out on the boardgame itself, you can also get it through the Kickstarter.)This truly is the deluxe wizard-battling experience! 

But if you're a miniature hobbyist, or you play tabletop RPGs, these also make a perfect addition to your collection. We highlighted some of Ben's paint jobs in our recent #SJGamesLive stream. Plus each character gets their own bust, which were specially designed for painting. No matter what you like to do with miniatures, these are great for your 3-D printing collection! Get in on the last day of the campaign, ending this afternoon. 

-- Hunter Shelburne

Wiz War