What Board Games Mean To Me

. . . is the title of a new book from Aconyte, an imprint of Asmodee. I have an essay in the collection, and I'm in very good company. Other contributors include John Kovalic, James Wallis, Holly Nielsen, Sir Ian Livingstone, Matt Forbeck, and a couple of dozen others! There's also an interview with Reiner Knizia. The designers were given a lot of latitude . . . basically, "here's the title of the book; now write something that fits." The results are definitely NOT cookie-cutter.

This is both a good read and yet another sign of the hobby's maturity. We're now looking back at ourselves and talking about WHY we do it, as well as just "what we did last year."

If you're lucky enough to still have a local bookstore, you know what to do! Otherwise, that company named after a river (Danube? Mississippi? It'll come to me) will deliver it to your door.

-- Steve Jackson