Steampunk D6 Dice Set Now Available


You can find our newest pack of dice at your favorite game store! This set of six 19mm six-siders is great for your Munchkin Steampunk, Girl Genius, or GURPS Steampunk game. Want to wow your family during the next game night? Pull out these chunky, gear-laden dice for the annual Yahtzee session with your in-laws, or give your next Farkle session a steampunk twist!

"Springs, sprockets, and steam – all the necessary components for a mechanical marvel! The gears were turning, noises were heard, and these marvelous 19mm dice came rolling right out of our workshop. Engineer your destiny with the Steampunk d6 Dice Set! This set includes six stunning 19mm dice in shades of copper, brown, steel gray, and gold."

If your local store doesn't stock these new dice, you may either ask them to special order from their approved distributor or, if you wish, order today at Warehouse 23 or Regardless of how you get your hands on these cog-bedecked cubes, we're sure that the designs will add a touch of mechanized joy to any game.

-- Phil Reed