Seven Deadly Sins Die Available Now At Your Favorite Local Game Store!


Our latest custom die project has shipped to distributors, and you can now find the Seven Deadly Sins Die at your favorite local game store. This 14-sided die features each of the seven deadly sins twice, giving us an odd-numbered result without forcing our minds to compehend the bizarre shape of a seven-sided die.

You don't know where the closest game store is to your home? Use our store finder to find the nearest stores! And if your local store doesn't have the Seven Deadly Sins Die available, you can find it at our online store or at Regardless of how you get your hands on the die, we're sure that you'll find it's a nifty addition to your dice collection and a fun tool to turn to during your RPG sessions.

If you need ideas on using the Seven Deadly Sins Die in a roleplaying session, you may want a copy of Hexagram #11. (Now funding on Kickstarter!) We've included an article about using the die in The Fantasy Trip in that latest issue, as well as articles about our new Bad Luck Die and The Elder Futhark Die. Click here to visit the Kickstarter campaign today!

-- Phil Reed