Pathfinder Revolution! Live On Kickstarter

The long-awaited return is here: Pathfinder Revolution! is now live on Kickstarter! This collaboration with Paizo brings the world of Pathfinder RPG to our classic Revolution! boardgame in a beautiful new package that combines the best of both worlds. Compete for control over the city of Korvosa, a place full of intrigue and subterfuge. Players secretly bid gold, blackmail, or force to influence powerful factions and other forces within the city, gaining more support than their opponents to win. 

Fans of the original Revolution! may recognize the similarities, because this is a redevelopment of that classic game, one of our favorites around the office. We took the best elements from the base game and the two follow-up expansions, plus new ideas from years of playtesting and development, and combined them to create what we consider the ultimate Revolution! experience. We're very fortunate to have an amazing partner in Paizo, who provided their beautiful Pathfinder art, allowing us to set the game in the lush fantasy city of Korvosa. The base board plays up to 4 players, like our original, but if we can unlock our stretch goal (only one to unlock!), then we'll be able to add the 5-6 player board. That means you'll have all the relevant components for a 4-5 player game or a 5-6 player game, all in one box! 

The Kickstarter campaign runs until August 4, and we'll have livestreams every Thursday at 2 p.m. Central on our Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook, so swing by if you want a close-up look. You can also check out our friends at Kidsplaining, Tantrum House, Dice For 60 Seconds, or Grant Lyons for their overviews as well. As a fan of Revolution! myself, Pathfinder Revolution! is now my preferred way to play; I can't wait for everyone to get a chance to check it out. 

-- Hunter Shelburne

Pathfinder Revolution