Munchkin Witches Brewing On Kickstarter For Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! We've got quite a treat for Munchkin fans this year, a mini-expansion focused on a brand-new class for the base game: witches! Munchkin Witches is featured as part of the Witchstarter event running on Kickstarter, a perfect match for this spooky release. 
This is an expansion for regular fantasy Munchkin, but as with any expansion, you can mix it with whatever set you want. Want some witches with your Old Ones? Throw it in Munchkin Cthulhu. Need spellcasters to control the undead? Munchkin Zombies is a perfect match. Oh, what do you know? These sets just happen to be discounted in our Halloween sale on Warehouse 23! But that sale ends today, so make sure to get your order in quickly so you'll have treats and not tricks!
Munchkin Witches launches today on Kickstarter, so treat yourself to some new cards (and a potion or two). You've earned it!

-- Hunter Shelburne

Munchkin Witches