Munchkin Big Box Backerkit – Super-Duper Last Chance!

Munchkin Big Box Last Minute Pledge

Hey, folks! Did you miss the record-setting Munchkin Big Box campaign in May? Did you miss the late-pledge option that was supposed to end last Thursday?

If you're reading this, there's still time!! Maybe. Hopefully. The link for last-minute pledges is somehow still working! And I've confirmed that, indeed, if you give us your contact and payment info, we'll still send you cool stuff!

I'm taking a big chance coming from the past to give you this information. (And by "coming from the past," I mean "furiously typing the afternoon before this posted . . .") But the risks to myself and the timestream are worth it if I can give even one more fan the chance to hop aboard the Big Box bandwagon!

Backstabbing your friends at the last moment is easy for a Munchkin fan. But backstabbing our own pre-order system with a last-second sneak attack? That's a mighty munchkin-ly move – one we encourage you to explore!

-- Steven Marsh