I Imagine Little Bunnies In Police Outfits

I have a lot of ephemera rattling around my skull. As one trivial example: I realize that February 2025 will be the 10th anniversary of a post on the Steve Jackson Games forums that has made me smile whenever I recall it (which is pretty darn often).

The scene: We are discussing rules for illumination levels in GURPS, especially how they'll be referenced and used in GURPS Powers: Enhanced Senses.

Part of the discussion revolves around the concept of "crepuscular," a word which I don't recall having ever heard before that discussion. It's such a crisp word in my mouth, and I used it for years afterward to refer to our rabbit: "Uh-oh! It's dusk and the bunny is feeling playful. That's because he's crepuscular." [Wife sighs a sigh powered by infinite patience.]

One post, by longtime contributor Bruno, was talking about how some animals are difficult to peg down whether they're nocturnal, diurnal, or crepuscular. The post concludes: "Crepuscular creatures can come out in the daytime, as can nocturnal creatures. Diurnal creatures can come out at night. It's not like the biology police come after them if they misbehave."

Fom that moment forward, whenever I caught our rabbit being active during the daytime or middle of the night, I would blurt out: "Watch out, Kagan! The biology police are gonna get you!" The rabbit always ignored my whimsy, instead seeking paper goods to chew.

If you have any favorite memories or turns of phrase from among SJ Games fandom, I'd love to hear about 'em . . . err . . . on the forums!

-- Steven Marsh