Hexagram 11 Kickstarter Ends Today

The newest issue of our zine dedicated to The Fantasy Trip, Hexagram #11, has funded on Kickstarter! Those folks who have missed it so far only have a few more hours to jump in! This new issue contains 13 articles featuring a variety of ideas to add to your Fantasy Trip game, written by the phenomenal authors you have come to expect in Hexagram (and introducing a brand-new one!).

Some of my favorites involve how to use our newest (and unique) dice, like The Elder Futhark and Seven Deadly Sins dice, in your tabletop games. This campaign also includes Quick Quest #9: Grand Opening. These adventures are perfect for one-shots that take one or two sessions, or to insert into an existing tabletop campaign. They are particularly good for GMs that need a bit more inspiration, so if you're new to the game, you should defintely try out a Quick Quest. And if you're brand new, I recommend that you take advantage of our New To Fantasy Trip pledge, which is not only a great starting point for the game, but also features a signed copy of Melee! Learn how to play and get an SJ-signed item? You can't lose!

Make sure to get your pledge in soon, as the campaign ends later today

-- Hunter Shelburne