GURPS, The Fantasy Trip, And More In Print-On-Demand At DrivethruRPG

We've expanded our print-on-demand offerings quite a bit over the last few years, pushing the GURPS On Demand program to over 100 different titles that you can order right now and receive in print within a matter of weeks. Time and again, one of the biggest benefits of our efforts at building the print-on-demand catalog has been a single thing: how very easy -- and inexpensive! -- it is for gamers across the world to get their hands on these books. With the print-on-demand operations printing books as close to their delivery address as possible, this has reduced the cost of shipping these games. After all, wouldn't you rather most of your gaming budget go to the games themselves and not postage costs?

Recently, we've started releasing more out-of-print and hard-to-find books as print-on-demand titles at DrivethruRPG. You can find the current listing of print-on-demand books available at DrivethruRPG right here. There are only a few different titles available at the moment, but we'll keep adding to the DrivethruRPG print-on-demand catalog and (eventually!) get our full selection of print-on-demand books listed there as well as at

Please click here to see the books -- and cards! -- that are currently available in print-on-demand at DrivethruRPG.

-- Phil Reed