GURPS "New Edition" Chatter At RPG.Net

After the TikTok video asking about a possible new edition of GURPS went a little wild (see this Daily Illuminator post), the internet took action. We've seen discussions in a few different places, but I'd like to direct your attention to this thread at RPG.Net where forum user theuglyknight posts: 

"Honestly it wasn't my thing in the past , but I'm pretty excited at the thought of it now. I think on the whole the industry has moved away from heavier games but the pendulum is starting to swing back. I'm also aware that Gurps is actually a whole spectrum of heaviness, but in my (admittedly perhaps wrong) perception it's one of the crunchiest.

So what does a new edition look like?"

Not surprisingly, the discussion goes in several different directions, but it makes for an entertaining read if you're interested in thoughts on what could possibly happen if there were a new edition of GURPS.

-- Phil Reed