GURPS Bundles Of Holding Available Now

Bundle of Holding

Bulk up your (digital) bookshelf with GURPS sourcebooks at a steep discount. From March 6 until March 27, Bundle of Holding is offering two new GURPS bundles: GURPS 4E Combat Action Collection and GURPS 4E Supers Collection. Funds from this campaign will support Direct Relief, an organization that sends protective gear and critical care medications to U.S. health workers and facilities as well as to regional response agencies worldwide.

The Combat Action Collection combines the GURPS Martial Arts sourcebook with GURPS Tactical Shooting, GURPS Gun Fu, and three other GURPS High-Tech supplements: Adventure Guns and Pulp Guns 1 and 2. If that isn't enough, the Bonus Collection adds five GURPS Action supplements, four GURPS Martial Arts supplements, and Transhuman Space: Martial Arts 2100.

The Supers Starter Collection jumpstarts your Supers campaign with the classic GURPS Supers and GURPS Powers. Upgrade to the Power-Up Collection and you get four GURPS Powers expansions and nine Power-Ups supplements!

You get a lot for a little and support a good cause while you're at it. If you've been wanting to bring a friend into the game – why not send them a bundle, too? Make sure to check out this Bundle of Holding campaign soon. It's all over on March 27!

-- Alain Dawson