Fantasy Foes 2: More STL Miniatures

Last year we released a set of STL files for 3D printing hobbyists . . . a growing contingent! They included skeletons (I love skeletons), two different bands of orcs, fighting octopi, and more. I was very pleased with the way that they came out. The Kickstarter was successful, and we continue to get sales. And I'm very bullish on the whole STL market, as I was on PDFs. Electrons are cheap to store and have a very long useful life!

We had originally titled the first set "Fantasy Trip Foes," but we found out that some people thought the minis were only usable with TFT. Not so! Everybody needs skeletons and orcs, for instance. If you've already got some, you need more! We've gone back and changed that name to Fantasy Foes, and we'll use that format henceforth.

At any rate: here comes a second set. Fantasy Foes 2 includes a horde of crabmen, a gaggle of ghouls, a pack of wolves, and a slither of slimes. There are bears and snakes, too. The stretch goals will add some bigger figures: a couple of hulking ogre skeletons, almost twice the height of regular 32mm figures, and a really beautiful 4-hex dragon created by guest sculptor Conor Malik Flynn. And we would like to see more from him!

Status of this project: the sculpting is DONE. The STLs will be professionally supported (by Facz, as usual), and we anticipate a Kickstarter in May and a delivery shortly after the BackerKit questionnaire closes. All the work will be finished before the campaign starts, even the stretch goals. In the traumatic event that we don't reach all the stretch goals, we'll just do another campaign for the big ones!.

The photos here were taken by Phil, and all these minis were painted by the multitalented Ben Williams.

-- Steve Jackson

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