Car Wars Miniature Set 3 And Set 4 In Stores Today!

Car Wars Set 3

Hot on the heels of recent Car Wars Sixth Edition retail releases, Car Wars Miniatures Set 3 and Set 4 are now hitting the shelves at your favorite local game store! These miniature packs not only add more physical cars, but tons of new cards to customize them for the next duel. Set 3 features Brimstone, Stiletto, Aristocrat, Avalanche, and Jackal, five cars with enough guns to take out a bunker. Set 4 adds Sawtooth, Conestoga, Shuriken, Fuzion, and Kodiak to your garage, ready to unleash carnage on your opponents. Both sets come with the cars and upgrades, as well as four colored bases to make sure you have enough for four players to jump into the arena. 

These packs join the previous Set 1 and Set 2, as well as the Car Wars Sixth Edition Two-Player Starter Sets (both of them), all available now through local game stores everywhere. If they don't have it in stock, just ask for it; they can order it from their distributor or directly from us!

Together, these give players an arsenal full of options for your next game. If you don't have a store near you, you can also get Car Wars Sixth Edition through Warehouse 23, but we definitely want you to support your local store if you have one!

-- Hunter Shelburne