Burn In Hell Now Available Via DriveThruCards

Burn in Hell

If you've ever wanted to collect the souls of the damned but don't want to reward the crime of greed by paying usurious prices to online sellers, you're in luck! The early 2000s hit Burn in Hell is back again, thanks to the wizardry of DriveThruCards.

Designed by Steve Jackson and illustrated by the inimitable Greg Hyland, this set-taking game has been out of print for years. But no longer! Now you can once again gather unto you the souls of Jack the Ripper, Al Capone, Josef Mengele, and other unsavory folks from history.

Note that the print-on-demand version only comes with the cards, and you need to download the rules from online. Thus, you might need to make your own storage solution, like building your own tuckbox. But the cards are just a click away to buy, and that's the soul of the game . . . err, so to speak.

-- Steven Marsh