Bad Luck Die In Production


While we do not yet have an exact release date, and have not yet officially announced it, our new Bad Luck Die is in production at the factory and is a beast. This photo shows the die alongside some of the new 16mm Ocean dice (see our current Indiegogo campaign or your local game store!) to give you some sense of scale. As you can see, a 45mm 26-sided die is massive.

The die features 13 different icons: twice! Once in white ink and once in red ink. This gives gamemasters options whenever they sit down to devise ways to introduce the die to their campaign.

Not shown is the red version of the die that has both white and black ink icons. We're producing half-as-many of the red version as the black version of the die, and this behemoth will be a direct release and not offered to distribution. (It's too expensive to manufacture for us to successfully send the die through the standard distribution channels.)

Watch the Daily Illuminator for news about the Bad Luck Die and all of our upcoming dice!

-- Phil Reed