12 Dice Of Christmas On The Water


We mentioned Steve's 12 Dice of Christmas game last month, and now we can report that the game has completed manufacturing and is in transit to our primary warehouse in Georgia. The game left the factory a few weeks later than we had planned (yet another victim of the global pandemic), but we still hold out hope that it will reach store shelves no later than the first week or two of November.

Holiday games are always a risk, since the sales window is traditionally very tiny, but they can also become evergreens if good luck strikes, so we're reassuring ourselves that things may still shake out well in the end. The worst case scenario is that shipping delays force us to warehouse the game until next September or October. Wrapping up cash in inventory is never our goal, but we're in this for the long haul and willing to sit on that inventory if necessary.

At right, you can see one of the photos the factory sent us showing the game's components. You'll have to provide your own pencils, but otherwise the box has everything you need . . . including a dice bag if you want to move the components into a slightly more portable package.

Please wish us luck! We would very much like to send 12 Dice of Christmas to store shelves this year, but we acknowledge that the world is still a wreck and some things (shipping!) remain out of our control.

-- Phil Reed