Horsing Around With Munchkin Pony Excess

Munchkin Pony

Giddy up, ya'll, and get ready to "stirrup" some trouble!

Every Munchkin fan knows that the game is packed full of puns, and Munchkin Pony Excess is no exception. This expansion features 56 never-before-seen, hay-larious cards which can be easily shuffled into any fantasy-themed Munchkin deck.

Munchkin 4 – The Need for Steed first introduced steeds into play, and now you can add a whole herd of newbies to your deck while saddling up on your Centaur of Attention. Plus you'll find tons of unique Items, curses, and of course, equine-themed monsters – including the musical Rocking Horse.

Stop stall-ing and rein in your copy today. Pre-order now on Warehouse 23, or have your Friendly Local Game Store order it for you!

Munchkin Pony Excess will be the mane event of the summer. Will you be playing? Yay . . .  or neigh?

-- Michelle Richardson