Get An Ogre Pocket Box Signed By Steve Jackson


We're down to the last handful of our Ogre Pocket Box Bundle on the web store, and we're making some space for even more Pocket Boxes coming later this year. To that end, Steve has decided to do something special! For this week only, folks who purchase an Ogre Pocket Box Bundle will have their Ogre Pocket Box signed by Steve Jackson. Not only are you getting a massive amount of gaming in the Ogre universe, including G.E.V., Battlesuit, and multiple expansions and accessories, you're getting a piece of memorabilia from the writer himself. 

This offer ends on Monday, April 17, or while supplies last. We don't have a ton of the bundles left, so get yours now! If you do score a signed Ogre, make sure to share a picture of it on social media and tag us! 

-- Hunter Shelburne