For The Love Of Jigsaw Puzzles

Many popular hobbies these days revolve around screens and electronics. Of course, here at Steve Jackson Games, we know there is a HUGE fandom for tabletop games. But we'd be remiss if we didn't mention another analog pastime: jigsaw puzzles!
In 2020, when there wasn't a whole lot to do outside our homes, my mother discovered a love of jigsaw puzzles. She fancies herself a dissectologist and spends most of her days at the kitchen table piecing together her current favorite. Some are on the easier side, while many she chooses are extremely difficult. A 3,000 piece Where's Waldo scenario was her most challenging to date. 
In just 4 years, her collection has amassed a whopping 394 puzzles. She's built 177 so far – an average of 45 every 12 months!
I plan to give her one of ours, the Illuminati 1,000 Piece Puzzle, for her upcoming birthday. 
Mom – if you're reading this, I'm sorry for the spoiler!
If you'd like one of your own, head over to Warehouse 23 without delay – quantities are limited.

-- Michelle Richardson