For Best Results, Mail It This Week!

Ahh, it's that time of year again. Holiday parties, jingly bells, and . . . really, really slow shipping! It's been affecting our containers of games on the water all year, of course, but this month it will affect all of us. All of us trying to send gifts to friends and family, that is.

Here at Warehouse 23, we strongly suggest you place your holiday orders before Friday, December 15. Everything ordered through Thursday, December 14, will be shipped out from Austin by Friday. From what the USPS and the various parcel services are telling us, these orders have the best chance of arriving before Christmas. (Sorry, no guarantees!) We'll continue to ship for another week, through Thursday, December 21, but only the supreme being of shipping knows when those might reach their destinations. Orders received after the 21st will not ship out until the first week of January.

We will be closed from Friday (around noon), December 22, until January 2, 2024. Of course, you can certainly place orders 24/7, but nothing will be leaving Austin until 2024. Hmmm . . . unless you buy a Gift Certificate, that is!

 Are you the type of person who likes bullet points? These are for you!

  • Thursday, December 14: Last day to order for the best chance of delivery before Christmas
  • Thursday, December 21: Last day to order to have your goodies shipped out before we close for the holidays
  • Friday, December 22 (around noon) - Monday, January 1: Our Austin offices and Warehouse 23 will be closed
  • Tuesday, January 2: Orders received in 2023 will begin shipping. Orders received in 2024 will ship the following week.

-- Susan Bueno