Follow Us On Twitch!

Folks that watch our weekly #SJGamesLive stream may have noticed that we're now streaming exclusively to Twitch, with the recordings uploaded to our YouTube channel afterward for those that missed it. And if you didn't know, now you do! We're doing this in order to allow more people to find the stream on the platform, and it lets us use a few more of the fun tools that Twitch offers for streaming. Not to mention, it's a bit easier to keep track of live comments and actually interact with the audience!

While you don't need an account to watch our streams, we do recommend signing up so you can Follow us on Twitch, which will give you an alert when we go live. We have plans for live-plays, hobby streams, and much more in the works. Join us each Thursday at 2 p.m. Central time and chat along with the #SJGamesLive crew! 

-- Hunter Shelburne