Flapping Con Badge Blues – SOLVED!

When I'm attending a convention, more often than not, I can be found wearing a tie. Now, this isn't just for aesthetics (although I do enjoy a good tie) – there's actually a practical reason. Wearing a tie gives me an excuse to wear a tie bar.

Have you ever leaned over a table at a con to get a better look at a boardgame, only to have your badge swing wildly, scattering meeples asunder to the dismay of the whole table? Or been plagued by your lanyard constantly flipping around, your badge and ribbons slapping at your arms and midsection as you rush from panel to panel? No more, thanks to the noble tie bar!


I discovered this hack last year and it's since become a staple of my convention wardrobe. It's so much more convenient than using a magnetic badge (which has a tendency to drop its backing magnet down your shirt) or a pin (same problem, plus it's pointy and hard to reposition).

Now, wearing a tie is not strictly necessary for this trick; there are very short tie bars (made for skinny ties) that can clip a lanyard directly onto the placket of a shirt without any unsightly overhang. But ties are fun!

Tie Bar holding a convention badge [Image]

Maybe it's time for the tie bar to make a comeback, joining the steampunk goggles and fez in the Convention Accessories Hall of Fame? Try it out and let me know what you think!

-- Irene Zielinski