Enter The Rose Labyrinth On Kickstarter Today

The thorny gates of The Rose Labyrinth open today, and you're invited to explore its mysterious paths on Kickstarter! Our newest project for The Fantasy Trip features vibrant map boards featuring the labyrinth, scenarios to use it in your games, and over 100 double-sided tokens representing monsters, obstacles, and much more. Plus you get lore and background on the setting to help ignite your creativity. While designed for use with The Fantasy Trip, this makes an excellent backdrop for any hex-based tabletop game.

Rose Labyrinth

This is also a great campaign to catch up on your collection of The Fantasy Trip, with multiple add-ons pulled from our recent campaigns and new releases. Fill your shelves with incredible supplements for even more world-building!
The campaign ends January 2, so pledge your support before the vines close back in on The Rose Labyrinth

-- Hunter Shelburne