Do You Need Adventures For The Fantasy Trip?


Thanks to the generous support of Kickstarter backers, we have several adventures for GMs to choose from for their next session of The Fantasy Trip.

  • Adventures – This hardcover includes five different adventures as well as new counters, new cards, and two folders to store your notes.
  • Adventures 2 – A second hardcover collection packed with five adventures and new counters. 
  • Quick Quests – So far, we've released seven different titles in this series of micro-adventures, with an eighth on the way and more in progress. Each adventure is a small-scale event, and GMs may use them in any order they wish, dropping them into the campaign wherever they best fit.

Steve and the team have been working on a third hardcover collection of adventures. We're not exactly sure when that next volume will be ready, but we will post just as soon as we know more. (Maybe a 2023 release, but it is tough to say for sure at the moment. Regardless, we can say that we've got more for The Fantasy Trip in the works and will continue supporting it.)

-- Phil Reed