Dice Store BackerKit Now Open!

Our semi-regular Dice Store is back in business, and we're ready to roll with a slew of brand-new dice on pre-order! New additions to the store include the highly anticipated Elder Futhark Die and Bad Luck Die, along with a full roster of polyhedral dice. That's right, now you can roll a critical hit in your favorite tabletop roleplaying game with Munchkin! Or Kittens! And we've got new dice bags to store it all in. You can find a full list on the store, where you can pre-order these dice, accessories, and more.

The Elder Futhark Die functions similarly to our Zodiac Die (also available). It's both a unique die and a great tool to help create a character for your favorite roleplaying game. Our Bad Luck Die is great for players with superstitions, as its sides represent some of the most unlucky actions you can commit! Breaking mirrors, walking under ladders; you're just asking for trouble with this die. 

For our Munchkin fans, the Munchkin Polyhedral Dice Sets come with promo cards that correspond with the color of the dice, so you can use them with your favorite Munchkin game just as easily as your favorite RPG. We've actually been highlighting some of these cards in our Munchkin Monthly newsletter (you should sign up for that so you get the scoops early). 

Dice Store

We're also giving free dice sets with orders based on the amount spent! Spending $90 unlocks three extra dice sets, for instance, so if you want even more dice for your bag, that's the way to go. The Dice Store is open until mid-December – enough time for everyone to get their orders in for hundreds and hundreds of dice! Oh. Maybe that's my order . . .

-- Hunter Shelburne