Crowdfunding Focus: Hunter's Camp STLs!

a 3d render of a mimic fireplace

Our STL team members are all big fans of Matt from The Forge of Many Things – check out this mimic fireplace from his first project, with a cat-shaped tentacle as a "lure" like an anglerfish uses, and you'll see why! And we're thrilled to have him sculpting for Steve Jackson Games; you'll see some of his work in an upcoming project . . .

His new Kickstarter is a hunter's camp, including tents, cages, a wagon (with moving parts – watch the video!), and a wide assortment of accessories.

A 3D printed set of campsite terrain

[Image]This set lends itself to all sorts of scenario ideas. What are they keeping in those cages? Or whom? Where are they going? What is the party doing there – were they hired to guard the caravan, are they rescuing the occupant of a cage, or have they stumbled upon the scene by chance? The accessories are useful elsewhere as well. There are multiple styles of campfires, for example, and a little rack of drying fish that belongs on the dock in front of any fisherman's cottage. And one of the stretch goals is a set of roleplaying scenarios using the miniatures – potentially very useful for GURPS or The Fantasy Trip encounters on the road! 

The Hunter's Camp campaign runs through June 9. You can also find The Forge of Many Things on TikTok, where you can see in-progress shots, painting videos, and the occasional very cute cat.

-- Jean McGuire