Christmas Is Coming!

Okay, true, Christmas (and other December-y holidays) are not coming terribly soon . . . but it's still good to plan ahead. Why, you might ask (or I, Steven Marsh, might ask, as a cheap rhetorical device)?

Well, for me, the holidays are always kind of a rough time, gift-wise, because it often feels perfunctory. Like, "Oh, hey, remember how on December 23 you mentioned that thing you wanted for Christmas? Well, guess what's under the tree!!!" Where's the excitement in that?

Conversely, if one starts putting out feelers in the summer for what someone might like – or even starts being observent around them – then it's quite possible to come across a great gift idea that the recipient won't even remember mentioning in five or more months.

This most often comes up for our household at Gen Con, where there are so many shiny and interesting things, not all of which our household can afford or justify getting at the show itself. But by taking note of cool stuff and buying it later (or sneaking off to buy it at the show and then hiding it in the closet for half a year), we can get ahead of the holidays.

If you go this route, I also recommend leaving a note to yourself – as the gift shoppper – on your calendar, along with a reminder where in the house any previously purchased items are. Unless, of course, you want to start a robust Groundhog's Day gift-giving tradition. (Not that I'm speaking 100% from personal experience . . .)

-- Steven Marsh