CEO Meredith Placko Descends Into The Abomination Vault

One of the joys of TTRPGs is that they're not scripted – even the most prepared GM can't anticipate what their players might choose to do. This unique element of improvisational chaos may be why TTRPG livestreams and actual plays have become appointment viewing (er, streaming?) for so many people, including myself. It's even more fun to watch when someone you know is involved, which is why I'm looking forward to checking out "Band of Badgers Presents: Abomination Vault." After all, it's not every day that your boss teams up with other tabletop roleplaying fans to take on a Pathfinder Adventure Path.
That's right – our very own Meredith Placko will join Michael Jimenez, Richard Denyer, and Steve Thrussell and Dave Cresswell from Band of Badgers as they traverse a megadungeon filled with monsters, traps, and (presumably) monstrous traps. Meredith will be playing Lex, an elf rogue with a history that's intertwined with a well-known Pathfinder setting. Can you guess which one?
Who are the Band of Badgers? They're a group of friends who enjoyed exploring various TTRPGs so much that they formed an official club in 2018 and decided to start filming and streaming their adventures for others to enjoy. "Band of Badgers Presents: Abomination Vault" is sponsored by Paizo, Beadle and Grimm's, and Turbo Dork. Episodes air every other week on Fridays at 4:00 pm EST, with Session 0 beginning on Friday, January 19. You can catch the stream live on Twitch or view on demand via YouTube.

-- Katie Duffy