Celebrate Shakespeare's Birthday With Munchkin Savings

Though the exact date has never been confirmed, William Shakespeare's birthday has traditionally been observed on April 23. So we decided it was a good a time to celebrate with some deals and promos for Munchkin Shakespeare! This weekend, April 22-24, save 23% on Munchkin Shakespeare games and accessories on Warehouse 23, our online store. Pretty pawns, the Munchkin Shakespeare Kill-O-Meter, and even the detailed Globe Theatre Playmat will all be in the show! Plus, all orders will include the brand-new Official Munchkin Shakespeare Bookmark of Being True to Swine Own Self! 

Munchkin Shakespeare has one of the more interesting origin stories in our catalog. This was our first crowdfunded Munchkin game years back, and it also had design contributions from fans on the JoCo cruise. Andrew and Steve hosted a panel and took lots of suggestions from the audience, and many of them were used in the game. Ultimately, it was Andrew's passion project, so we're happy that this fan-assisted and fan-funded game has also become a fan favorite! 

Take the stage for the first time, or add some "extras" to your cast with our Munchkin Shakespeare sale this weekend! 

-- Hunter Shelburne

Munchkin Shakespeare