Awesome Ambience – Mood Music For Gaming

While some gamers prefer a silent room, many prefer to set the mood with sound. Enhance your sessions with music and ambient effects to make the experience even more distinctive for all the players. Here are a few suggestions:
The Fantasy Trip is a tabletop roleplaying game where you'll encounter wizards, fantastical creatures, stunning settings, and lots of dungeon-crawling. Enjoy your adventures along with a background stream of a fantasy medieval castle
Brave the freeways of the future with Car Wars, the imitable autoduelling game for 2 to 4 players. Speed over to this collection of ambient racing sounds to make your game even more realistic!
With dozens of stand-alone versions and expansions for the classic Steve Jackson game Munchkin, you'll always have something new and different to play! An enhanced version of the original, Munchkin Deluxe, is perfect for getting started. A spooky, dark dungeon is a great visual to set the scene for this perennial favorite.
The year is 2085. Infantry vehicles, tanks, and hovercrafts battle against nuclear weapons and giant drones in a game of fast and deadly warfare. Available in addition to the base game are maps, customizable miniatures, and scenarios. Battlefield sounds, gunfire, and explosions will rock your room and set the mood for hours of combat fun. Hardcore Ogre fans will love the official theme to the game – and it's a FREE download!
In the expanded version of this best-selling, dice-rolling game, Zombie Dice Horde Edition transports you to a dystopian world where zombies roam. Here's the twist: YOU are the zombies! Of course, you'll eat brains as you roll 17 dice in this push-your-luck game. Just don't get shotgunned! Play along with the sights and sounds of a suburban zombie apocalypse as you roll for the win.
Tabletop Audio offers a wealth of customized music for dozens of settings and situations. For those who want to go even farther, there's software to turn your desktop system or iPad into a no-kidding sound board.

-- Michelle Richardson