Arcadian Chain In My Campaign

Arcadian Chain dice bag

Here's a better-late-than-never plug: Arcadian Chain. I bought this dice bag from their booth at Who's Yer Con way back in 2018. I loved it when I saw it, and I still love it. As you might intuit from both the company name and my scintillating photograph, it's a dice bag made of chainmail links.

I find it so satisfying as a dice bag because, when empty, it makes a perfect fidget toy. Since I usually generate enough nervous energy to power an orbital satellite, it's a huge boon to have something to distract me while I'm trying to get my dang dice to roll the right way at conventions or our own gaming table.

This bag probably holds about three dice sets and still closes comfortably. (I just checked; it currently contains 23 assorted dice . . . how illuminated!) If you check the site, the one I have is "small rings"; although a bit more expensive (because it's got more chains and thus takes more labor), I found it more pleasing in my grubby little hands.

Arcadian Chain makes a boatload of other cool things as well; check out their site. There's also a list of shows they attend, and you can order stuff off their website as well. If you want something special, they may even be able to custom-make something; I've had my mind brewing on getting a bigger bag for a few years now . . .

-- Steven Marsh