Add Munchkin Farkle To Your Family's Game Library!


Munchkin Farkle is our twist on the classic Farkle dice game, which is a favorite with many out there who are not intimately familiar with the tabletop game space and the unlimited number of new games that continue to reach game tables everywhere. With Munchkin Farkle, those who play using the standard Farkle rules will find a new way to enjoy that popular pastime as we introduce them to the "take that!" nature of Munchkin combined with the Farkle mechanics they're already enjoying. 

What makes Munchkin Farkle different from standard Farkle? The cards! Every player starts the game with a hand of cards that may be played to help yourself or kick a buddy, or you may choose to save them to score extra gold at the end of the game. 

You can find Munchkin Farkle today at your favorite local game store,, or, if you don't have a local store, you may order direct from our online store.

-- Phil Reed