A Portable Dose Of Car Wars?

Mini Car Wars

There are certain things we sell that I'm honestly kind of in awe of. Like Mini Car Wars. What is Mini Car Wars, you might ask? Well, it's a complete pamphlet-sized version of the classic Car Wars game. The print version of this game was given to me by a shop <mumble mumble> years ago, and it was my first introduction to the world of Car Wars. And it's amazing how much play value is in that one game.

Now, decades later, it's still available as a downloadable print-and-play version, for only one dollar! Adjusted for inflation, that's, like, a dollar in today's dollars! You get all the rules, counters, and road sections you need to drive offensively; all you need is dice.

Car Wars Sixth Edition is an amazing game, and I love it as a fast-paced game of thrills and mayhem. But I still have a soft spot for Mini Car Wars, a version of the game I can print out and toss in a ziplock bag with some dice and a pencil, keeping it in my car's glove compartment for when I'm in a diner on Route 66 and need to enter the world of Car Wars.

-- Steven Marsh