A Fragment Of Underdone Potato... Or A Chance To Go Back In Time?

Every so often I'll forget to back a crowdfunding campaign and don't remember until it's over. Then I'll go, "Oh, no!" and race to my browser to find the tab. Occasionally, I'll discover that there's a late-pledge option of some sort. That's when I can live out my Ebenezer Scrooge fantasies: "I haven't missed it. The BackerKit Spirits have done it all in one night. They can do anything they like; of course they can! Hello, my fine web form! Do you know the CVV of my credit card?"

Oh, hey, incidentally, the BackerKit for CARnage 2 is now open, in case you missed its original successful Kickstarter campaign and want to get some awesome printable STL files for your Car Wars campaign. Good Gaming, Everyone!

-- Steven Marsh