The Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) Expo took place last week, and the consensus is that it was incredibly successful. Our team traveled to Louisville, Kentucky, for a week-long con at the famous Galt House and the Kentucky International Convention Center.
Our team hosted Booth 420, and we had the opportunity to meet lots of retailers and other folks across the board game industry. We were busy bees at the booth, demoing new games, networking with other game manufacturers, signing up retailers for direct sales, and introducing new fans to all we have to offer. 
We also participated in four game nights where we taught Pathfinder Revolution!, Groo: The Game, Tabloids, and much more!
A great time was had by all, and many attendees were thrilled to have the chance to meet and talk with Steve Jackson himself. (Steve wrote about his experiences earlier in the week.)
If you're an industry professional and attended the 2024 GAMA EXPO, let us know how your show was!

-- Michelle Richardson