Zero-G, Set 2, Mini-Game #77

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The Star Marshal ordered the pirates to surrender, but the filthy raiders just continued to fire their blaster guns as they stood firm in the middle of the passage way. "Well sir," offered his trusted pilot and second in command, "It's not like you didn't give them a chance."

"Bring up the Combat Bots, that should soften them up a bit," the Marshal ordered, shooting one of the pirates in the leg.

This is Zero-G, a Mini-Game from Bad Baby Productions. Taking the S&G skirmish game system and applying it to our Battle Armor universe, you have a great game of aliens, space pirate and federation star marshals. Can your small squad of Terrain marshals bring down yet another band of star pirates, or will aliens and raiders rule the fringe of space? This and other sets within the Zero-G genre will expand the Battle Armor universe and bring even more fun to your table top games and S&G battles.

Written by Robert Hemminger