Widows & Orphans (4th Edition)




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One night of chaos changed them from statistics to forces to be reckoned with. When night fell in 1990, the Fell's Point lost and dispossessed brutally carved out their territory in the city streets. Years later, their stories are finally being told. They have opened their gates to allow you passage. If loneliness is your soul companion, come to Widow's Peak, where the women of Fell's Point have established their kingdom and guard it against all who would try and deprive them of their livelihood. In the shadows of the widows' influence, attempt to solve a bizarre murder that even the authorities fear to investigate. Or if it is a fight you desire, seek out the orphans of Fell's Point, Clown Alley, who have lost their families, their mad king, and their way. Both groups have their tales to tell. And they want you to be a part of them.

Written by Chris Avellone