Welcome to Rhum

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As you enter between the stone towers, through the gate in the massive wall, you see a city teeming with people and energy. The City of Rhum is filled with life and opportunity. The streets could take you deeper into the city, but before you get overwhelmed, you should probably get a bed and a meal. Tomorrow will be soon enough to explore the City of Rhum.

Welcome to Rhum is the first remake of Board Enterprises' famous line of city supplements. Welcome to Rhum is for those who literally want to get their feet in the door. It covers the North Gate district, an area that caters to travelers and all of their needs. There are eight inns and lodgings, five places to grab a bite to eat, and two dozen shops, stores and services. Everything a road weary adventurer needs when they come crashing back into town. In all, there are over 50 buildings and locations. The City of Rhum is a modular city where neighborhoods are described in different supplements allowing you to pick and choose what you want to include. The Rhum supplements include character statistics for the Legend Quest game system, but as with most urban settings, Rhum can easily be shifted into a different set of rules.

Written by John Josten