Watchers Of The Dragon (4th Edition)

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The top martial artists around the world are going crazy… or are they? What mysterious force is behind the attack on the world's greatest martial artist? What do the mysteries of Seeker's origin have to do with this? And what is the shadowy Tournament of the Dragon?

The answers lie within…

This sourcebook is an illustrated guide to the top martial artists in the world of Champions. Each of these martial artists is presented with their background, origin and complete list of powers, abilities, and martial arts skills. You'll discover the secrets behind Seeker's past as well as a new writeup of a highly experienced Seeker. The characters are linked together by the story of the mysterious Tournament of the Dragon, and there are guidelines for running the Tournament as a campaign scenario. It's a hard-hitting tour of the martial arts subculture in the superheroic world of Champions, if you play or GM a martial artist, you can't afford to miss it!

Written by Steven S. Long