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In 2010, the world changes. The expanding universe stretches the fabric of spacetime, and it snaps. Universal constants realign themselves to another stable state, the one that existed ten millennia ago. And everything that was real, becomes real again. Beings of thought and probability and untold power came back into existence as though they had never been gone.

The old gods had returned.

Worse, the new reality altered things enough to collapse societies dependent on modern technology. Communications, transportation, information, all ground to a halt as subtle subatomic changes wrought havoc on advanced electronics and materials.

And that is just day 1.

WarpWorld is an alternate future that grabs you and drags you in. Close enough to be familiar, different enough to challenge you. WarpWorld is not just a gameworld, it is a complete campaign. A 200-page book with a 300-year story arc that has the adventurers writing the future for their own descendants, from the first desperate struggles to merely survive, to understanding the new world, rebuilding society and facing challenges as strange as the Warp itself.

Grab the sample file, then come back and get the whole thing.

Written by Greg Porter