War of the Psychic Gods, Set 3, Mini-Game #86

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The Demeon flailed at the fire elemental, but the creature was weak, and the elemental strong. As Gaea watched, her young elemental child burned the Demeon, turning it to dust. "Enough, my child," she called to the fire, "you have learned the ways of killing well. Now we shall take our war to the Demeon lords themselves, and teach them not to mess with Mother Nature."

This is War of the Psychic Gods, a a Mini-Game from Avalon Games. Taking the S&G skirmish game system and add to it a super metaphysical world of astral travel, psychic powers and god like avatars, and you have a great action game of psychic powers and astral war. Psychic Gods is a great mix of astral war and psychic energy and elemental emotions, all creating the wild world of a mighty battles and high suspense.

Written by Robert Hemminger