Unseelie Rings

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Bring a little fairie magic into your game with Unseelie Rings.

The Unseen world is full of hazards, one of which is Unseelie Rings. They can be found at a variety of places: forests, beaches, plains, and farmland. Often, they will be in the center of an area or at the natural border between two areas.

The Unseelie rings are made by the dark fairies. They are the most abhorrent, black-hearted and evil of all the faeries. They will ally with all sorts of dark creatures. They will use the rings to traps mortals and transform them into dark fae if they are wanting to reproduce or if they need more soldiers to fight the Seelie Court. If not, then they harm mortals for pleasure.

Rules are given for creation of such rings, as well as magic and items that may be of use in your games.

Written by Sean Wilt