Unknown Armies: Weep - Six Scenarios of Woe and Ruin

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There's no such thing as a safe decision. When the chips are down and you have to make a choice, somebody's gonna get hurt somehow, and you're the one they'll blame. All you can do is clutch your rationalizations to your chest and sprint for glory.

Here's six spins on the wheel of destiny:

  • "Swap Meet" by Rick Neal: The Avatars of the Merchant are ready to deal, if you're ready to pay.
  • "Garden Full of Weeds" by James Palmer: In the heart of the city, even nightmares live in fear.
  • "Stoon Lake" and "Drink to That" by Greg Stolze: Can you find the courage to do the wrong thing?
  • "A Few of My Favorite Things" by John Tynes: The gun, the Bible, and the flag built this nation, but they're tearing it apart.
  • "The Green Glass Grail" by Chad Underkoffler: This town's got six kinds of trouble, and there's a bullet for every one of 'em.