Unknown Armies: Statosphere

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The Invisible Clergy Sourcebook

Never Play Against the House

From the flip of a coin to a glance in a bar to the trajectory of a bullet - every step we take is a function of all the steps we took before and the infinity of choice that lies between. But free will carries a price. The Invisible Clergy, humans ascended into archetypes, reside in the Statosphere where probabilities large and small flow like water through their fingers. Oppose them and coincidence itself can turn against you . . . not to mention the terrible agents of the House of Renunciation, where they take you to become your own worst enemy.

Deal the cards if you're ready to play:

  • new archetypes
  • godwalker rules
  • Le Comte de Saint-Germain
  • Invisible Clergy lore
  • Secrets of the House of Renunciation

And a pack full of trouble.

This product is recommended for mature readers only.

Written by John Tynes