Unknown Armies: Postmodern Magick

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192 pages, 8.5" x 11", perfect bound


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LET IT GO MAKE IT STOP sixteen free-falling red-headed stepchildren gyrating through the stages of grief. If this makes any sense to you, you'll never know the secret of magick.

Magick is what happens when reality refuses to follow your commands until you beat the righteous crap out of it with the force of your unknowable, unstoppable will. Stuff Schroedinger's cat in a burlap bag and throw it off the bridge screaming, already, we've got higher orders of uncertainty to deal with.

This book may contain one or more of the following things:

  • recipes for soup
  • new schools of magick
  • the love letter you should have mailed
  • new underground cabals
  • how to make semtex
  • new artifacts, unnatural creatures, GMCs
  • all the ways in which you hate yourself
  • the secret history of magick
  • the secret history of your mother
  • and more, including a secret toy surprise with an occurrence margin of error of ±1.

Get your sister's teddy bear and your grandfather's aftershave, because your lesson begins in FIVE FOUR THREE TWO ONE GO.

Written by John Tynes