Unknown Armies (3rd Edition) Book Four: Expose

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It's about pulling back the curtain.

This book is what happens when we release the chains holding Greg back and tell him to "go nuts." Book Four: Expose includes several new rules, new ideas, and new insights into the world of Unknown Armies that you can accept or reject as you desire. The content in this book is pure grade AAA Greg, packaged for your perusal with all the gristle and bone intact. Most chapters feature Greg's reviews of Unknown Armies-adjacent film and literature and how those works show us the shared reality we're experiencing through Unknown Armies.

It's about ripping off the band-aid.

  • Further ideas on adepts and magickal traditions.
  • Thoughts on throwing horrors in the path of your cabal.
  • Contemplating the larger objectives and scale of Unknown Armies.
  • Plenty of identity-related rules to add to your collection.
  • Look beyond the veil of the living, and what to do with what you find there.
  • Take on the mundane humdrum of what we think of everyday life.
  • More avatars and the notion of claiming places in their name.

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Written by Jason L. Blair / Tim Dedopulos / Chris Lites / W. J. MacGuffin / Ryan Macklin / Greg Stolze / Chad Underkoffler / Filamena Young