Unknown Armies (3rd Edition) Book Five: Mine

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It's about seizing what you want.

Book Five: Mine is a compilation of additional material for Unknown Armies, designed by a cabal of writers and prompted by backers of the wildly successful Unknown Armies Kickstarter in 2016. Herein you'll discover new and, in many cases, revised rules and background for a dizzying miscellany, salvaged from past editions and conjured into existence by dedicated fans of the work of Greg Stolze and John Scott Tynes.

It's about claiming it for yourself.

  • Eight magickal schools, including some old favorites.
  • A huge chunk of information about rituals and a handful of artifacts.
  • Nine archetypes, updating several classics that were not included in Book One: Play.
  • Details on otherspaces, as well as a new category of archetype, the paragon place.
  • Antagonists and potential allies, including the Cult of the Cruel Ones.

This digital product includes PDF, ePUB, and MOBI files.

Written by Jason L. Blair / Tim Dedopulos / Chris Lites / WJ MacGuffin / Ryan Macklin / Chad Underkoffler / Filamena Young