Uncle Al's 2038 Catalog

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Make 2038 Feel Like the Future!

Uncle Albert's 2035 Catalog rocked the autoduelling world. For the first time, Uncle Al's amazing array of autoduelling accessories was available by mail-order to the general public. But Al didn't stop there! Time marched on, and so did technology. Uncle Albert's 2036 Catalog Update kept the duelling public in touch with all the latest advances.

And now, two years later, Al's done it again! The Duellist's Pal has collected over 70 more weapons, gadgets, and accessories into Uncle Albert's 2038 Catalog Update. Duellists across North America already know the value of Uncle Al's fine products, and here you'll get dozens of options for offense, defense, munitions, accessories, and personal items. Drive offensively into the future . . . today!