Uncanny Acuity

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Unsettling Background Music for Modern Horror RPGs

Uncanny Acuity is one of three different six-track cycles of music commissioned to accompany the launch of the Unknown Armies 3 roleplaying game.

Composed by James A. Semple to set the mood during play, these soundscapes are perfect as background music for Unknown Armies or any horrific or unsettling modern roleplaying games. Semple calls his style for these pieces, "Americanoir."

Each of the six tracks in this collection is roughly 2:30 long, for a total runtime of about 15 minutes. Files are provided as tagged stereo MP3 files with bitrate 320 kbps and sampling rate 44.1 kHz.

Uncanny Acuity Track List

  1. In the Right Hands, Anything's a Weapon
  2. Transrational Hopes
  3. The Tomb of Reason
  4. Apocryosis
  5. An Unforeseen Development
  6. In the Right Hands, Nothing Is a Weapon

Check out the other two cycles in the collection, Unnatural Artistry and Upsetting Anomalies.

All tracks written, arranged, performed, mixed and produced by James Semple.